We film from the air too..
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Commercial Drone Operators

We have worked with drones for a few years now, filming at various locations throughout the UK. We often depend upon aerial filming for opening / establishing shots on a lot of our productions. We love the sense of scale it provides, whilst often showing the beauty of the subject we’re talking about or focussing on.

We have recently become Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) approved, and we are now fully licenced (PfCO) holders – which means that we can operate commercially in most places in the UK. We can handle all elements of an aerial shoot for you, from the early stages of planning (including all permissions to fly) and all legal paperwork and insurance. 

We operate with the DJI Inspire 2 day to day, using a Zenmuse X5S camera – which is capable of capturing RAW / ProRes 5.2K footage. We can also film indoors or in tight spots with our Mavic Mini, which produces impressive 2.7K footage. We can also commission much larger craft too, depening on the requirement. 

We can help with aerial filming / cinematography for commerical and corporate purposes, and / or supply high resolution photography too. We are also commissioned to carry out aerial surveys too, for building and land. 

Please let us know if you have any quesitons whatsoever, and please do get in touch to discuss any potential projects.