THE CHALLENGE: We were approached by the team at the NHS Stockport Clinical Commissioning Group, and were asked to create a series of social media videos to help promote the Covid-19 vaccination role out across Stockport. We were tasked with answering the general publics concerns about receiving the vaccination, by sharing the experiences of people from different backgrounds.

HOW WE DID IT: We worked as a team of three, filming interviews with a number of people across Stockport at various locations. We filmed during lockdown, and had to film following the guidelines. We were regularly sanitising equipment that came into contact with our interviewees, maintaining social distancing with each other and wearing masks throughout. This was quite important to follow, as we were filming at various vaccination centres and places where many people were gathering.

THE RESULTS: Combined, the videos have had just over 10 Million views – just on Facebook! We hope that this has put at least one persons mind at rest, and motivated them to get vaccinated. You can see all of the videos on Facebook here.