Riester EliteVue / McOnie


CLIENT: The McOnie Agency

THE CHALLENGE: We were approached by one of our regular clients; The McOnie Agency, and were asked to create a instructional video which shows how to operate the Riester EliteVue audiology device to new users. We had to follow brand guidelines with regards to style, using a white background with the product being the feature.

HOW WE DID IT: We filmed in a studio over the course of one day with a white backdrop, using a combination of holding the device and using a turntable. There were many features to cover during the shoot, so pre-production planning was key. We created a detailed shot list for the day, and had spent a number of video conference calls with Riester in Germany and the lovely folks at The McOnie Agency. We also sourced an American voiceover artist based in London, and directed a VO record at a studio in London. These hands belong to our Sophie, and due to having recently been on holiday a watch tan line had to be touched up with makeup before the shoot!

THE RESULTS: We created this 10 minute video, which was to be used by medical graduates within the United States. It’s also embedded on the Riester website here.


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