Waters – Technical Training


CLIENT: Waters Corporation

THE CHALLENGE: Waters Corporation asked us to capture three of their Mass Spectrometry scientists’ presentations on Adduct Ions, Fragmentation, Quadrupoles, Electrospray, Isotopes and Multiple Charging. This is all obviously way above our pay grade, but it sounded very interesting indeed! These presentations were for students and recent Mass Spectrometry graduates from around the globe.

HOW WE DID IT: We filmed with a crew of three, using two cameras and a teleprompter. We filmed against one of the walls in a conference room, and moved all of the furniture out of the way so we could all fit in. We also filmed some nice shots of the products in their own test laboratory.

THE RESULTS: We took all of the footage into post production, and added in various bits of tracked text and motion graphics throughout. We created 7 different edits which can all be viewed here, this is just a quick overview.