We were commissioned on a green screen shoot yesterday, by the amazingly talented visual effects studio – Studio Liddell. They’re creating an amazing CG animation roller coaster animation, which takes the audience on a realistic CG roller coaster ride through the streets of Washington in the USA.

We captured the presenter talking to the camera / audience, shot against a green screen so she could be keyed into a full CG set. The animation will be used as part of a visitor attraction set within a museum, which is to be opened to the public later this year. We’ll post the amazing full animation once we’re allowed!

  • Production Company: Studio Liddell
  • Actor: Kayko Andrieux
  • Director: Nick Williams
  • DOP: Marco Fanton
  • Sound: James Jones
  • Gaffer: Justin Windle / Big Shed Studio Space
  • Makeup: Claudia Piras